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Electronic signature tool by Content Gardening Studio

For a long time, businesses and individuals have operated with the difficulty of doing certain actions remotely. Among these is the signing of documents. Distances, borders, differences in time zones, each signer’s own organizational constraints, unforeseen events are all constraints contributing to the pressure for providing an electronic solution for this important need.

At Content Gardening Studio, we have been thinking about this type of problem for almost 3 years, and we have developed our electronique signature tool for the needs of businesses. It is a web application that installs on the hosting infrastructure of the company, and it can be integrated into their organization and their information system.

We help companies extend or improve their document-based processes, by adding the electronic signature features at this electronique signature tool, and this translates into a gain in productivity for their employees and partners.

Provided features

  • User can sign a document by loading it into the system
  • The user can co-sign a document (in the case of a partnership or business relationship)
  • Instant creation of the file containing the signature and subsequent use of the latter
  • Identity verification: Sending a code by email or SMS to verify the identity of the signer

Options available through custom development (based on your specifications)

  • Saving documents in another system (or for archiving), provided you have access to an API allowing you to do so. Examples: Dropbox, Google Drive, your CRM
  • Implementation of the document management flow specific to your organization, around the e-signature features

Product availability

As a client company, we deliver the application installed on the application server (on Linux or Windows) of your choice and we collaborate with your teams for the complete implementation of the expected service.

Contact us for a quote or to arrange a demonstration of the tool.

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