Content Gardening Studio

A Global Team: Expertise-Oriented, Passion-Driven, Results-Focused

We’ve been working for about ten years to provide services that meet our clients’ expectations while allowing them to respond quickly to their various business needs. Our distinction is demonstrated by our constant willingness to train and educate ourselves on the various innovations integral to our work. The team at Content Gardening Studio is highly skilled and passionate, elevating the company to the top of the list for these skill sets. For us, the most important thing is not just the service we offer but rather the standard of quality we define for our work.

Who Are We ?

Founded by Kamon Ayeva in 2017, Content Gardening Studio provides tailor-made IT solutions based on web and data technologies.


The company’s name reflects the two elements that mark and influence our work...

Our team

At the very heart of our business is the strength and cohesion of our team. Experienced, highly knowledgeable, and versatile, our human resources represent the foundation on which Content Gardening Studio is based exceptional work by talented teams. Kamon Ayeva, head manager of Content Gardening Studio, works with freelancers from around the world.



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