Kamon AYEVA - Content Gardening Studio


Developer and head of the Training activity within Alterway, from 2001 to 2010, as part of their Ingeniweb subsidiary, specialists of CMS-based projects using “Zope” and “Plone” technologies, he has acquired a multidisciplinary expertise through the years. Added to that, a strong understanding of the importance of listening to the “Customer needs” and designing personalized solutions. 

He has also had the opportunity to move to the other side to understand the “User” point of view, working then in different contexts. Firstly, as Project Manager for the delivery and daily organization of content, for the websites of OIF (Organization internationale de la Francophonie). Then, back to a more technical context, with hosting and application deployments, as a member of the Internet / DevOps teams within the Information Systems Department of the Sate of Geneva in Switzerland.

In 2018, he officially creates Content Gardening Studio, and starts delivering projects around his Python expertise, collaborating with a virtual team of “freelance” developers as demand grows.

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