Our values

Les fondements de CGS

All companies have values. Those of CGS were the foundation of the creation, the recruitment of collaborators, the choice of our suppliers and even of our customers.


We start by listening to your needs.

This implies that, for each project, we make sure we understand the related business. For example:

– The needs and constraints of the Marketing teams.

– Patent issues.

– DevOps practices, when we collaborate with a company that has integrated this approach into its daily operations (automated deployments, use of containers, etc.).

With every project, we see our mission as an opportunity to help the company or team improve their processes and achieve their objectives.


Collaboration is in our DNA. Whether it’s our involvement in open source projects and initiatives such as Python, Zope and Plone since the 2000s or the way we work with our clients, we are in a constant effort to collaborate with others for a “win-win” result.

It’s no wonder that some of our partners today were customers on early projects first.

Remote work

We offer to take charge of projects by working remotely, whenever possible, as a way to optimize time and budget for both parties. To carry out our projects, we can track tasks and deliveries through daily and/or weekly meetings, using tools such as Jira, Slack, Skype, Github / GitLab, Zoom, and of course email.

Free software and open standards

Another element of value is that our efficiency is based on free software, in particular “Open Source” (“open source”).

Whether they have been designed with C, Java, PHP, Python or Ruby, to name but a few of these languages, our software and development frameworks often offer guarantees of quality, due to the maturity that has taken place over the past 20 years in the way “contributing” developers and their organizations (such as Python Software Foundation or The Apache Software Foundation) work.

Moreover, the reliability of these technologies is often validated by the fact that projects within today’s big IT players such as Google (https://opensource.google/), Facebook, Amazon or Airbnb use some of these Open Source tools or back them up.

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