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Data Processing and Analysis

Data is everywhere within a company and its existing systems and those to be implemented in the future. We help you identify and extract and/or process useful data:

  • From your databases,
  • From your office files, production tools, or systems such as your CRM
  • From the APIs of your external tools and those of your partners
  • From existing public data sources—for example, in the framework of “open data” provided by governments, local and regional authorities, and other organizations or companies

We help you build the applications you need for greater productivity and competitive advantage.

Types of projects

Type project N°1

Specific data processing with Python scientific tools


« Pandas » : statistical analysis tool

Type project N°2

Implementation of dashboards for data visualization after analysis

Type project N°3

Data processing and analysis with a specialized database

Type project N°4

Implementation of ETL" (Extract, Transform, Load) or "Data Pipelines" jobs with tools


« Talend » : Software editor specialized in data integration
« Dagster » : System for building modern data applications
« AirFlow » : Open source workflow management platform
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